The Red Plague

Part One - The Tip Off

Personal Log of Commander Miriam Travius, First Officer of The Fearless, Secutor Class Light Cruiser, under the Command of Lord Captain Horatio Xerxes Constantine

Recuperating after another eventful tour of the expanse, we had spent two weeks berthed at Harridon’s Rock, Footfall enjoying the hospitality of the Lord Captain’s old friend Ophelia Mercado, a former chartist captain, adventurer and rogue now turned successful businesswoman and merchant, replenishing the supplies and taking on crew from Footfall’s willing masses, keen to leave the destitution of the barren rock and make a few Thrones in the process.

After a few days ashore, our High Factotum, Commander Cornelius Torain, received word that an associate of his, the wily charlatan Severus Grieg, a local information broker, had an offer of business could prove profitable. The Lord Captain and his immediate entourage headed to Grieg’s private estate on Harridon’s Rock – you have to hand it to the slimy toad, as unpalatable as his vulgar shows of opulence were, he certainly knew how make the most of his success.

After the pleasantries had been dispensed with, Grieg introduced the command staff to Lt. Pontius Velez, a former Flight Officer on the Imperial Lunar Class Cruiser The Sirius, one of the ships of the line of Battlefleet Calaxis. He explained the The Sirius, under the command of the formidable Captain Drake, had stalked, engaged and bested the renegade pirate vessel The Red Plague.

The Red Plague was a Slaughter class reaver ship that had been terrorising the merchant vessels of The Koronus Expanse and had grown complacent preying on inferior cargo vessels and was caught unprepared for the skilled crew of The Sirius and fell quickly in battle. Velez explained that The Red Plague’s hold would have been full of plundered riches and surgical strikes of The Sirius had left them intact. As an Imperial Officer, Captain Drake was uninterested in picking the carcass of the reaver vessel, content with destroying the threat it posed to shipping. Velez had served his tour and this recent battle had been his last mission aboard The Sirius and was heading home to Scintilla to enjoy his retirement. However, he wished to supplement his Navy pension – he could sell us the location of The Red Plague (with Grieg taking his cut of course) and we would have the plunder for ourselves and may even be able to salvage the advanced Archeotech Drive that the Slaughter class was fitted with.

Commander Torian negotiated our terms and Velez provided the co-ordinates of the wreck, the Moribund system, an uncharted and unassuming backwater between The Cauldron and Cinerus Maleficum. We returned to The Fearless, quickly made ready and set sail for The Warp. After we reached a safe distance from Footfall, Navigator Prime Malakai Canis plotted a course through the daemon realm to Moribund. I am not one prone to hyperbole, but I was astounded by the Navis Prime’s skill – in all my years in the void I do not recall a faster, smoother and more uneventful trip through The Warp. Many of the crew saw this as a good omen, a blessing from The God Emperor himself!

Once returning to Realspace, we took our bearings and Lt Commander Fleur Orleans, our Master of Etherics got to work. Moribund itself was a large, orange star that was bloated with age and cast a lazy glow over a number of planets in the system. While noting the layout of the system for later exploration and exploitation, we quickly located the wreck of The Red Plague in an asteroid field between the fifth and sixth planets. Interestingly though, as we approached we inadvertently activated the automatic docking hail of an ancient space station. The automated vox identified it as the Thrace Repair Facility and on closer sensor sweep we detected docking facilities that could easily accommodate a vessel larger than The Fearless – potentially an invaluable find brimming with Archeotech. We also detected faint energy signatures..

Before we could investigate further, Choir Master Searing Falcon alerted the Lord Captain to a presence that he sensed following us from the Warp. Rather than risk a potential confrontation with an unknown enemy, the Lord Captain shrewdly decided to withdraw from the area and try to get a fix on whatever it was. Lt Commander Ziel Varn, the Master-at-Arms, prepared the ships Armsmen to repel boarders; Lt Commander Carno Varn, the Master of Ordnance readied the Macrocannons. We all turned to the Lord Captain, awaiting his next orders…

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